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Every day we help people with
the following problems:-

  • Lack of job interviews
  • CV poorly received by recruiters and HR professionals
  • Poor response to job applications
  • Running out of ideas to get "the break"
  • Long-serving professional with no CV writing experience
  • Unexpected redundancy situation
  • Out of work for 6 months+

Let the professionals tailor your CV...

To get the job, you need the interview. The team here at Tailor Made CV have over 40 years direct experience recruiting in the most competitive markets in the UK. We help companies to hire the best talent and facilitate the top individuals to get the best jobs.

You need to take control and invest in your future, so let us help you!

As you can imagine we have seen thousands of CV’s and the quality and presentation vary dramatically. Two candidates with exactly the same experience and qualifications will not have the same chance of getting an interview, as one CV will stand out above the other. We have perfected the delicate art of transforming your CV into the most powerful marketing tool to get you the interview.

With Tailor Made CV – we give you the tools to get the interviews you want by:

  • Making your CV as strong as possible to prospective employers, recruiters and HR professionals.
  • Focusing on your best attributes and achievements to give you the best possible chance of securing a job interview.
  • Giving you the competitive advantage against other candidates for the job you want.

All this comes for just £49.99 with a 100% money-back guarantee that your Tailor Made CV will make the difference.

One simple click will transform your CV and increase the chances of getting those all important interviews.

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